Friday, January 29, 2016

Texas Open Carry Law

This article intends to clarify some common misconceptions regarding the new Texas gun law.  Open carry has always applied to rifles.  In Texas, it was completely legal to open carry a rifle without having a license.  It was illegal,however, to carry a handgun unless you had a Concealed Handgun License (CHL).  Even then it had to be concealed.  The major change is that now you can open carry a handgun too, with a proper Handgun License.  Now this doesn't mean that you can go brandishing your handgun in public all willy nilly, like some posts that have recently been circulating on Facebook.  Your handgun must be carried in a shoulder or belt holster.  If not, you can still be charged with Unlawful Carrying, even with a license.  If you would like a full consultation of your legal rights and duties under the new Texas Open Carry laws, drop by the office for a paid consultation.